It is not a secret that today among businessmen there is a perception that the services of a customs broker – is an extra costs. In their opinion, this institution is the only “unnecessary intermediary.” For this reason, many in the business are trying to independently engage in clearance of goods at customs. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to negative consequences. Entrepreneurs and their employees, relying on their experience, ingenuity and, in some cases even, luck, don’t include many things that can make the difference.

As you know, Ukrainian legislation is very contradictory. This is especially true of foreign economic activity. Besides permanent changes which are brought in the existing rules, further complicate the process of customs clearance. So unprofessional approach often leads to downtime transport ripped off delivery times, accrual all kinds of fines … If you want to avoid all this trouble, you need qualified customs services in Kiev, in addition it offers a lot of companies working in this field.

It is worth noting that sometimes disbelief of Ukrainian entrepreneurs and reluctance to use professional custom service – it is a consequence of ignorance.It is simply aware for many of us a very little about the brokerage companies. From here  is some bias.

We specialize in representing a client at customs, as well as take care of all the details of paperwork. Thus, the customer saves time and frustration. Our experienced staff know all the subtleties of foreign operations, thus hel us to avoid errors in the preparation of documents and further force majeure.

Roughly speaking, the broker acts as an intermediary between the customs authorities on the one hand, and the shipper, carrier and consignee on the other. If necessary, a brokerage company takes the issues associated with getting expert opinions, certificates and other permits.

That’s why by using the services of a brokerage company, you do not have to solve a lot of problems. All will take the experts!