Customs clearance – a set of certain transactions carried out in the import or export of goods. What determines the degree of complexity of customs clearance? This is primarily the form of customs procedures: the import, export, re-export, re-import, customs transit, temporary import or export, and others., Since each species has its own rules and customs clearance of your list of required documents.

Customs clearance process may be suspended by the customs authorities, if it is found the lack of necessary documents or they will not meet the requirements of current legislation. In order to avoid such a situation, the majority of subjects of foreign economic activity to seek help from professionals – customs brokers.

The tasks of the customs broker in our understanding – is, above all to give an advice in the preparation of all required supporting documents and permits to transport goods across the border, the correct declaration and issuance of the customs authorities. As well as a customs broker performs registration at (accreditation) of FEA with the customs authorities.