The company “Alltrading” provides to the clients complex solutions in the field of warehouse logistics.

Our company provides safekeeping:

  1. In a bonded warehouse (BW), temporary storage (TS);
  2. In the commercial warehouse .

As an additional services we provide:

  • warehouse the handling of goods;
  • assembly of orders;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • cargo insurance.

For storage and processing of goods use complexes  class “A” and “B” with a multi-level rack system, dustless floors and high-rise loading / unloading machinery. All processes carried out by the latest automated warehouse management systems.

The benefits of cooperation with our company:

  • compliance with the requirements of modern systems of access control, fire safety, as well as humidity, heat and temperature (storage of Class “A” and “B”);
  • application of methods FIFO and FEFO;
  • automated accounting system loads;
  • pallet technology of processing and storage of goods;
  • convenient geographic location of storage terminals;
  • non-stop operation;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • affordable prices.

The main goal of our company is to provide stable growth and development of our clients’ businesses, and providing comfort and long-term in the relationship with customers – our core value.