The essence of the services as follows:

Due to peculiarities of Ukrainian customs and tax laws, foreign economic activity is quite complex and requires expertise and costs – both financial and human. And the most important is  for a new man it  has serious economic risks!

Our company is ready to help you with purchase and import goods necessary for you and it sparing you  from having to deal with a heap of unfamiliar procedures for you. After all, in order to import goods to Ukraine, you will need:

  • For financial calculations with supplier you will need to open foreign currency accounts for your company;
  • Correctly include foreign trade contract for the supply of goods, taking into account the specifics of doing business in the country of the supplier, knowledge of foreign economic  and financial terms;
  • Get a passport deal to your contract;
  • Convert the currency;
  • At your own risk look for the carrier and trust him with goods for transportation;
  • Collect a set of documents for the accreditation of the customs and register as a participant of FEA;
  • To find “a common language” with the customs authorities;
  • Properly declare your goods,  not forgetting about the administrative and criminal liability for false declaration and smuggling (in case of extreme forgetfulness  to indicate anything in declaration – Do you have a good memory?)
  • To prove to the customs authorities customs value of your goods, in case of impossibility bring the evidence to the state to pay the CCC (adjustment of customs value) – only it can increase the cost of your product in several times !;
  • Regularly host the tax and customs checks as FEA participant that carry out control over the implementation of the import goods directly to the importer.

By using our services, you trust your imported goods to professional, experienced and the only one partner! Goods will be delivered to your warehouse or directly to the consumer has full Customs Clearing, with the necessary package of documents, with all the necessary certificates and a declaration confirming the payment of all customs duties to the fullest.

The foreign agent – it is also a team of specialists in different areas of foreign trade, which you could hardly afford to take on the job! Contract with us, you will work on experienced managers, logistics, transport agents and customs brokers. For ongoing collaboration we offer our clients outsourcing FEA.

To make a business relationship with the foreign trade agent possibly signing an agreement or a contract – there are several options:

  • Agency Agreement – Our company acts on your behalf as your agent
  • The Treaty Commission – We supply you the goods for a commission
  • The Treaty Assignment – you entrust our company to procure goods from the supplier
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement – though is in last place on our list of the most frequently requested by our clients. Under the terms of payment under such an agreement, the cost of goods, calculated by our experts, and agreed to by you, including the cost of the goods of the supplier and the costs for the purchase, delivery and customs clearance must be paid immediately or in part – for the agreement, and the goods will be transferred to you on the fact of arrival at your warehouse.

The cost of services of the foreign agent

The remuneration of the foreign agent consists of a very large number of factors – the cost can be determined if you tell us a little about the nature of the goods and transaction which is assumed to instruct us. We will be glad to see you at our office, our manager can drive to your office, we are ready to pre-listen to you and to orientate you in value over the phone, happy to respond to your request by e-mail – the choice is yours!

Please, if you have a question or something you don’t understand – do not hesitate to call us!

We know how to deal with the import and export – allow the professionals to work for you!