Accreditation – for the beginning of the foreign trade activities to any entity to be registered by the customs authority. Absence of accreditation by the customs authority will serve as the basis to refuse a permission to pass through customs.

For accreditation for customs need to provide us the following documents:

The constituent documents:     

  • The decision of the property owner or his agent for the establishment of a business entity. If the owners or their authorized agencies and two more, so the solution is the foundation agreement;
    • The Charter of Business (if in accordance with the legislation is necessary to set up organizational forms of business entity). (copy).
    • Minutes of the meeting (decision, order) on the appointment of the director (a copy certified by the seal of the enterprise).
  • Certificate of state registration of a business entity. (Copy).
  • Help bodies of statistics for listing of businesses legal entity in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine. (A copy certified by the seal of the company).
  • Registration certificate of value added tax (hereinafter VAT), or a certificate from the tax authorities that the company is not a VAT payer, or a certificate of single tax (the original and a copy certified by the seal of the enterprise), or a statement that the company is not liable to VAT.
  • Statement of Registration of a business entity.
  • Order for the appointment of the Chief Accountant (surname, first name, middle name, phone number – a copy certified by the seal of the enterprise).
  • Passport copies (certified by the seal of the enterprise) of all persons referred to in the registration cards.
  • Help of authorized bank accounts of a (Ukrainian currency and in foreign currency).
  • Orders for the appointment of responsible workers to work with customs, their surname, first name, patronymic, passport data, tel., Samples of signatures.
  • In case if the head of the company is a foreign citizen, stateless person – information as a leader of the enterprise, and of the identity is a citizen of Ukraine, will temporarily perform the duties of the head during his absence, and order the company “On the appointment of the Acting Head enterprise “and charged him with financial responsibility and liability for the activities of the company and the work permit and visa a foreign citizen.

Originals of constituent documents will be returned to business entities after checking with copies of the documents submitted.

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